Outsourcing to Colombia Webinar: Tips to Maximize Outcomes

Colombia Outsourcing

Outsourcing to Colombia Webinar: Tips to Maximize Outcomes

Three IT thought leaders share their views about nearshore outsourcing in Medellin

For many companies who come up against the costs of acquiring or expanding capabilities for web and mobile app development, nearshore outsourcing will be a serious consideration. Outsourcing often solves problems with difficult projects, talent shortage, or budget issues. But it’s how and where you decide to outsource that can make the difference to your project.

UruIT has excelled for over ten years in providing a stellar nearshore experience for U.S. clients. Recently, we decided to capitalize on our knowledge base, experience, and technical culture by expanding geographically closer to the United States: outsourcing to Colombia.



Outsourcing to Colombia

Our brand new UruIT office in Medellin, Colombia, is fully staffed and in operation. Since the beginning we’ve received positive feedback from our staff and clients about the location. That was one more reason to share our experience with others within this webinar. During it, you can hear three thought leaders who experience nearshore outsourcing within Colombia in different ways. Consequently, their experience is valuable insight for those considering a nearshore alliance in Latin America.

Get to know the Thought Leaders

Chris Andrew is Operations President in a leading real estate company in the U.S. He has significant experience in building web applications and managing distributed teams in different locations. Also, he has worked with our teams in both Uruguay and Colombia for two years and gives his client testimony about us in the webinar.

Currently, our teams are developing a web application for the commercial real estate market. Chris explains that during the process everyone experienced synergy independent of the team location. In addition, he tells us about the insights our teams experienced. Therefore, he hails it as an example of a highly productive nearshore partnership.

Iang Yim
Iang Yim

There’s no client and provider. We are members at the same team and project.

UruIT’s co-founder Iang Yim holds a BS in Computer Science and has been in the industry for over 10 years. He has worked in numerous projects as a technological leader. In the last few years he is focused on the selection, adoption, and training of the latest technologies in UruIT.

In the webinar, Iang talks about our best practices in building functional teams and managing product development. Some of his tips to establish an efficient nearshore alliance are focusing on the product, having clear roles and responsibilities, and using effective tools and techniques.

Marcelo Martinez
Marcelo Martinez

Marcelo Martínez has been building development teams in UruIT for the last 5 years. Currently, he is our Country Manager for UruIT Colombia. During the webinar, Marcelo shares insights about our adventure in taking UruIT to Medellin. Besides, he focused on explaining why outsourcing to Colombia is a great destination, especially for U.S. based companies. Also, he explains how the proximity, cultural aspects, and the high quality of Colombian professionals, among others, are the reasons why we decided to expand.


Learn more on the webinar

After sharing their ideas, the thought leaders also interacted with the audience in a Q&A session moderated by Nearshore Americas.

Interesting talk, right? Listen to the full webinar recording in this post and learn how to prepare your company for a nearshore outsourcing strategy, perhaps outsourcing to Colombia. Hopefully, this information will help you to learn how to find the ideal remote partner. Also, how to build a very organized and productive relationship.

Access the webinar recording for free at the beginning of this post. Then share with us your own insights!


Marcelo López

Marcelo López

Marcelo is the CEO and Co-founder of UruIT. He's been working in the software industry for over 10 years now, being able to work and learn about the software development process from different perspectives and different roles including development, business analysis, project management and remote teams’ coordination. In the past 8 years, Marcelo’s main focus has been to assist startups and established product companies in the US to build the next generation of user-centered web and mobile apps.

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