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Creating a nearshore development firm

UruIT was created in 2008 by Marcelo and Iang, two software engineers and former co-workers who shared a dream for entrepreneurship.
We’ve grown from a garage-based startup to an award-winning nearshore development firm--from then until now, many people, projects, challenges, and achievements have all become part of our story.
Nearshore Development Firm | UruIT
Nearshore Development Firm | UruIT
Iang and Marcelo founded UruIT in Montevideo, Uruguay.
UruIT becomes a Microsoft Partner.
The company is incorporated in the United States as an LLC.
Created an Agile Academy in the office.
Operations start in a new office in Medellín, Colombia.
UruIT is awarded Nearshore Company of the Year.
Clutch lists UruIT as one of the Top Web Developers in Latin America.
A team of around 80 professionals and 150+ projects delivered to date.