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Our dedication to improving people’s lives through technology, and our passion for challenging and innovative ideas have driven us since 2007. Uruit was born from the minds of two entrepeneurs looking to create a team of strategists, product managers, designers, and developers that could provide expertise, experience, and outside-the-box thinking to build digital solutions that have a positive impact. We’ve come a long way and we’re now a team of +100 product enthusiasts that have delivered more than 150 products.

We’re drawn to bold ideas and we love to transform them into exceptional products that combine robust engineering with creative design. Innovating and taking smart risks is in our DNA, and we’re here to jump on board with teams that want to challenge their industries, delight their users, exceed their business goals, and contribute to a better world.

Nearshore Development Firm | Uruit
Nearshore Development Firm | Uruit

Our values



We have only one life, let’s make it worth it
At Uruit people matter more than anything. It starts with our families and trickles down to those we work with. Our work flexibility allows us to thrive and excel as humans and professionals. We’re protective of our time knowing that it requires a lot of effort and energy to be a maker and to constantly create. We believe that we can better accomplish our mission by being a company that sees our personal lives and our careers as intimately intertwined. Making an impact at work and finding balance in life are two sides of the same coin.



Together we make a difference
Above all, we’re a team: us, our clients, and every person we interact with. This means we show up for each other, act with empathy, and direct our minds toward a shared purpose every day. We challenge one another from a positive position, enabling us to bring the best of our talents and strengths forward. We don’t spend time thinking about what we can’t do but instead ask ourselves “Why can’t we?” Together, we take smart risks, set the bar high, and do it all in a way that’s still fun.


Entrepreneurial Spirit

It's what moves us forward
An entrepreneurial heart beats within us. It’s something that we have developed from within and over time. We push ourselves to create products as they should be, not to simply make an incremental improvement on what it already is. Fueled by curiosity, we dig deeper. Investigate further. Challenge the status quo. We get excited at the idea of bold challenges and big goals. This is when we feel most empowered to build for tomorrow, today.



Los Angeles, Medellín, Bogotá and Montevideo. A multi-cultural and diversity approach.



Of experience, fueling funded startups and industry titans.



Product enthusiasts

The optimal size for boosting companies large and small, while allowing our leadership to actively engage with our clients.



Products shipped

Designed to scale, custom-made digital products that works across devices with an experience that users love.

Recognitions & Partnerships

Good Firms Web Development Recognition
Good Firms App Design Recognition

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