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What we do

Machine Learning Consulting

Our Machine Learning expertise will make your systems smarter, leverage data to create UX-enhancing models, and help you make more impactful business decisions. We specialize in:

Audio and Signal Processing

Audio and Signal Processing

Computer Vision

Computer Vision

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Scale Your Team

If you’re looking to level up your in-house team, our Staff Augmentation model is perfect for you. Senior talent from our software design and development agency will plug in as engaged members of your team: proactive, adaptable and friendly.

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Nearshore Staff Augmentation

How We Do It:

How we do it


We find out everything that there is to know about you. It's by unraveling your challenges, goals and opportunities that we become well-versed in the intrincacies of your business.


This is where we ask ourselves, “Is this idea feasible?”, “Is there a market for this?” and “Is this solving the right customer problem?” By unpacking these questions, we clear the path forward and ensure that we build the right thing, the right way.

Build and ship

We’re all about moving fast, releasing often, and responding to the real needs of your users. Our agile process lets us do this well. The result is an end product that provides real value to your users built to be both sustainable and scalable.


And just like that, your product is launched. But we’re not going anywhere. We see products as living things, and we want to be there as they evolve. When testing reveals that something can be improved, we try to find a different approach. Our roadmaps are flexible and adapt to discoveries made along the way. Our ultimate goal is a happier client and a better product. Always.

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