Web app development

Our skills at your disposal:

Building sophisticated web apps since 2007

Web apps are part of our DNA. Since 2007, we have combined our Full Stack expertise to design and develop sophisticated digital products that run in the browser, especially SaaS solutions.

We work with leading SaaS companies across various industries like Commercial Real Estate, Healthcare and Fintech. We can help you evolve or modernize an existing platform, or build a brand new, highly-scalable MVP.

Our strengths lie in:

  • Agile development

  • Design and modern front-end frameworks like Angular and React

  • Backends are built using Node, .NET or Python

Benefits of web development with us:


Full stack development with modern technologies

  • Our front end experts can build the UI for your existing back end.

  • We can upgrade your legacy system and/or re-think the user experience.

  • Use our full scrum pod to transform your product ideas or transformation roadmaps into usable, highly performant apps.

  • Augment your in-house teams with senior talent to respond faster in a competitive market.


Learning through sharing

  • Because we believe sharing is growing, we open source our own React Seed.

  • We host local meetups and join or sponsor some of the most popular tech conferences in South America and the US.


Senior talent at your fingertips

  • Our recruitment process is designed to hire the best talent in South America to work on your project.

  • We work with passionate and meticulous engineers to achieve pixel perfect development.

  • Our teams support a strong DevOps culture and are able to work with a variety of cloud-based architectures and databases.

  • We’re highly versed in Serverless, Microservices or API based architectures, Graphql and a variety of SQL and non relational databases.

  • We work with incredibly talented UI designers who will take your project to the next level, using Sketch and Zeplin for easy collaboration with the developers .


Distributed model experience

By collaborating in the same time zone, working with our web development company team will allow you to:

  • Retain an engineering team and guard internal knowledge.

  • Stretch your budget further.

  • Tackle updates and rewrites quickly.

How we do it


Project Onboarding

To kick off a web development project, we recommend an onboarding process to determine how the team will collaborate in a way that favors your product, your users, and your business. Our onboarding processes can be done online or in person, and it’s up to you whether to focus more on the technical aspects of the product or the app's definition and business model. Learn more here.


Iterative Web App Development

Here is when we start working together with you by following Scrum practices. Our team can get involved at any stage of product development, from building and testing to publishing a reliable app on the market. We always follow the best coding practices such as automated build and deployment, code review, and unit testing.

Case studies

Here’s how some of our clients have built successful web apps with us:

Our preferred tools / frameworks:

Want to discuss your project?

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