Digital Product Strategy: Step #1 to bring your ideas to life

We can join your project at any stage!

The first step in knowing if you'll build a product that satisfies real market demand is to look for your product -market fit - and we're the right product strategy consulting firm to help with that.

From data, to insights, to action

While you provide the product vision and business goals, we’ll dig into the data to find insights and essential input to develop software on-time and on-budget.

Although the search for insights spans a product's life cycle, it's particularly beneficial to focus on it before product development to increase the likelihood of success.

We'll start by understanding your company's OKRs and value proposition, and will illustrate a clear picture of your business and competitors. Then we'll focus on empathizing with your user to clearly understand their needs, and identify opportunities.

Our goal in the product strategy phase is to generate insights highlighting how to make your users’ lives easier and to create a product that profoundly impacts your market.

Benefits of Product Strategy:

Innovate your industry

Discover top business opportunities, gather critical market research, validate ideas with target users

Make insightful decisions

Data-driven decision-making

Define what problem is worth pursuing and maximize your resources

Identify your clients and prioritize features accordingly

Focus on what matters

Gain a deeper understanding of your user's and their priorities, as well as those of the business

Discover and identify key insights

Align expectations at the beginning

Collect and disseminate learning points with the product's entire team

Early team alignment

Start your project

How we do it

Let's create a strategy to validate your product-market fit that will become our compass for the product's goals. By aligning ourselves and market demands, we'll create a concept of the product that solves real problems and users will love. That way, we'll be sure we’re creating the right product, for the right problem.


Initial Research

- Detailed current state analysis based on rapid UX research (fast and efficient)

- Benchmark, funnel analysis, interviews, online community research, customer support and satisfaction analysis


Ideation & Alignment

- Turn ideas into KPIs and organized goals

- Confirm the product-market fit: what drives your customers or users and how does that connects with your business goals

- Clarity on how you differentiate from competitors and your product’s benefits



- Set key goals (general and team-based) to later define the project scope

- Imagine the ideal path for the Product Design phase

Case Studies

Web Development
Learning & Education

Tony Robbins' platform enhances user engagement by 70%

How we helped the US' #1 personal development coach to innovate an outdated event support app.

Machine Learning

ML-powered data used by Disney and HBO

Developing custom Machine Learning recognition features in the media industry

Our preferred tools / frameworks:

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