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Let’s kickstart your app idea through a product discovery phase

From our experience, we know the importance of starting off product development on the right foot in order to minimize risks. To do so, we combine different roles to better establish a product idea before embarking on a whole project, bringing in stakeholders from the business side, product experts, developers, and designers.

The product discovery phase has three main goals:

  • Understand

    Complete our understanding of the business model, its context, goals and customers.

  • Analyze

    Align expectations in order to mitigate risks, define processes, create story maps, and so on.

  • Propose

    Set an initial backlog, a team, and a ballpark estimate for the development project.

Benefits of a product discovery phase:


Get every team member on the same page


Discuss your expectations, needs, and risks


Identify your main users and prioritize features accordingly


Build a roadmap with input from developers, designers, and business experts


Get a rough time and cost estimate


Generate high level documentation (wireframes, mockups, etc)

How we do it

The discovery phase is a highly customizable process, based completely on your context and the maturity of your product idea. It usually lasts one week and the agenda is co-defined with your team. Although the specific discovery activities can change, the general goals are:

Uncover the purpose

  • Kick off the Discovery phase by understanding what brought you here and what is the expected product.


Get a business overview

  • Understand the app’s business model and its current context.


Identify metrics, constraints and risks

  • Decide which metrics the team should use to measure the project’s success. Also, list the main risks or constraints to take into account.


Understand the users

  • Work closely with our UX experts to build the users profile, understand their needs, and, when applicable, get their current feedback.


Assemble a roadmap

  • Based on a story map, we will identify the app’s journey and generate a prioritized backlog to get the development started.


Final details

  • At this last step, we focus on estimating the project’s cost and duration, recommending the right team for the job, and documenting the Discovery output.

Case studies

Here's how some of our clients have teamed up with us for successful product development discovery phases:

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