Uruguay and Colombia: The Rising Stars of IT Talent

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Uruguay and Colombia: The Rising Stars of IT Talent

Uruguay and Colombia: The Rising Stars of IT Talent 

Uruguay and Colombia; two countries that have been quietly building up their IT talent in recent years are now emerging as top destinations for companies seeking exceptional software solutions. Both have strong higher education systems and highly skilled digital workforces, with a growing reputation in the industry, so If you’re considering outsourcing, Uruguay and Colombia should be at the top of your list. 

According to the recently released Uruguay IT Talent Report, Uruguay has the highest number of people with IT skills per 10,000 inhabitants in the region.
In December 2022, Uruguay had 21,846 individuals who had acquired at least one IT skill, representing a 16% increase compared to 2021.  The country’s education system has a strong focus on STEM fields, which has contributed to the growth of its IT talent pool. In addition, Uruguay’s workforce is highly bilingual and culturally diverse, making it an attractive location for companies seeking top-notch IT talent. 

Colombia is also making waves in the IT industry, with a large and highly educated workforce that is known for its creativity and innovation. The sector has consistently achieved annual growth rates up to 15%, as reported by the Colombian Federation of the Software and Information Technology Industry. 

As a company with offices in Uruguay and Colombia, we can attest to the exceptional talent that exists in both countries. Our teams have produced cutting-edge solutions for clients across a variety of industries, including healthcare, FinTech, and e-commerce. We believe that our presence in these countries allows us to tap into a diverse pool of talent, bringing new perspectives and ideas to our projects. 

At Uruit, we are proud of our talented team of developers, designers, and product managers who deliver top-notch software solutions for our clients. We are committed to investing in our team’s growth and development, providing training, mentorship and support to ensure they remain at the forefront of their fields. 


If you’re considering outsourcing your IT needs and want to explore new opportunities, Uruguay and Colombia are worth considering. Contact us today to learn more about how our team can help you achieve your goals. 



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