Scale your team with brilliant talent

Software team augmentation: we work as part of your existing team in a dynamic and integrated way.

How it works

Fueling the team augmentation industry since 2007

We’ve spent the last decade helping dozens of US SaaS companies and corporations with agile co-development and team augmentation. By combining Scrum and modern collaboration tools, we leverage our experience with software development team augmentation in order to effectively integrate with your development practices and become an extension of your in-house team.

Our software development centers allow you to ramp-up projects quickly while meeting high-quality standards, and our English-fluent devs are available to be your remote team during your business hours for maximum productivity.


We can become your partner

Whether you hire just a few full stack engineers or a full scrum team with UX/UI and product roles, we will support your vision and dedicate ourselves to improving your product and your business.


Reinforce your existing team with ours

  • +70% of our engineering team have computer science degrees

  • Augment your team with the roles you need:

    • Full Stack Developers with Front-End focus

    • UX/UI Designers

    • Product Owners

    • Scrum Masters


Work with technology advocates

We are:

  • Tech meetup organizers

  • Git contributors

  • Tech posts and ebooks writers

  • Tech conference sponsors (local and in the US)


Recruitment processes that go above and beyond

We value network and community. We host Bring Your Friend campaigns, in which we encourage our developers to recommend professionals that fit our culture and are at the same time people they trust and have worked with.


A breakdown of our meticulous hiring process

  • Phone Screening

  • English Test

  • Culture Fit Interview

  • Coding Challenge

  • Tech Interview

  • Psychology Test

  • Final Meeting → Offer


Expand your agile culture

  • Certified Scrum Masters and Product Owners by Scrum Alliance

  • Continuous improvement and excellence practices

  • Agile Scrum ceremonies


Play it safe

  • NDAs, MSAs, insurance protection

  • Flexible agreements and termination notices

  • Simple contracting. T&M, per sprint or per month invoicing

  • Security and IP best practices


Find out more about how we make nearshore outsourcing your advantage

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