3 Challenges and the Solutions That Have Led to Branch’s Success

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3 Challenges and the Solutions That Have Led to Branch’s Success

Challenges & Solutions for Branch’s Success

Takeaways From Branch’s Webinar: Strategies to Improve User Experience and Get More Conversions 

Branch's tip to improve user experience

In our June Webinar, we invited Branch’s Director of Development, Ivan Herndon, to talk about the main challenges the company has faced since its founding in 2017, and what strategies were implemented to overcome them, improve user experience, and skyrocket their product’s conversion rates.

Branch is a company that is reshaping the way in which home and car insurances are purchased, and has become one of the top rated digital products that allows users to get an immediate quote for bundled home and auto insurance in just a few clicks. However, developing a digital product that provides value and a delightful experience to its users, while at the same time meeting business goals is a challenging task.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the topics discussed during this session, including the main strategies implemented by Branch to improve their user experience:

  • Implementation of user testing to create multiple customizable insurance plans with a wide variety of coverage and prices
  • Employment of user acceptance and AB testing to create an effective user flow that allowed for more customization and increased checkout conversion
  • Monetization of high mobile web traffic by improving mobile branding and benefit statement

We’ve also had some great questions come through for our Q&A section such as:

  • How to balance in-house and outsourced development
  • How to collect user feedback and how often
  • How to conduct effective external testing

Branch stands out from other products in the insurtech space for not only making insurance accesible to more people, but also for the transparent and high-quality service they offer. Its platform allows users to access instant rates for bundled home and auto insurance in just a few clicks, speeding up and optimizing the process for both the company and its customers.

If you missed the webinar, or attended and want to watch it again, click here to access the full recording!

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Ampi Averbuj

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