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Rebuilding a CRE toolkit


Data and tools to support Commercial Real Estate professionals

Site to do Business, STDB, is a commercial real estate (CRE) digital toolkit that provides data and tools to support financial, market, spatial, and competitive analyses for CRE professionals. This platform is offered by CCIM Technologies, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the CCIM Institute to its members, although it's also available for external users through a subscription.


After a crisis, a relaunch was necessary

In December 2017, the STDB site experienced a catastrophic outage that resulted in the site having to be rebuilt. Prior to Uruit, other development teams had attempted a rebuild but were not successful. After months of partial access to the toolkit and fragmented entry points, users had grown impatient. The CCIM Tech team was challenged with finding an end to end software development partner that could help relaunch the platform and improve upon it in a quick and reliable way.


Re-building an improved version of the CRE toolkit

When we started working together, the main goal was to update STDB’s functionalities and launch the app back to its expectant users, taking the opportunity to improve the toolkit. The team we put together to tackle this project was composed of:

  • a designer, responsible for re-designing the platform’s look and feel;
  • two developers dedicated to building STDB with Angular 6 and Node.js, with a strong focus on the integrations the platform would have with third party tools such as ArcGIS and CoreLogic and;
  • a Product Owner who assisted the team through every step, from the initial planning to the daily interactions between both sides.

The team created a Story Map at the beginning of the engagement, which was the basis of the entire work afterwards. We put our focus on a clear set of priorities so the development process would run smoothly.


Focus on scope management in order to meet deadlines

Thanks to a strong sense of urgency and placing a clear focus on scope management, we could conclude the app’s first release within a month with positive feedback from the client and users. The client highlighted the Product Owner who worked with them, as her communication and facilitation skills were fundamental for making sure the project was delivered on time and at an excellent quality level.

We worked on the integrations with third party platforms and the implementation of a single sign on for connecting users with the different tools. Since the app went live, it’s reached around 3,000 daily users.

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