Upgrading a SaaS platform for +300 US banks | CRE Platform Development

Upgrading a SaaS platform for +300 US banks


Raisal receives great feedback thanks to its improved UX and performance

Raisal is a commercial real estate technology company that connects investors and commercial mortgage lenders through an intelligent algorithm. With their online dashboards, users can review data and negotiate terms, guaranteeing that more productive deals are signed. Raisal’s SaaS platform integrates with over 300 banks and financial institutions in the US.


Planning new features via software development outsourcing

After becoming a consolidated name in the local market, Raisal was looking to expand into other states following an investment round. Their team realized that their platform required new features to keep growing.

Raisal ultimately went with our outsourcing model to expand its local dev team, after considering our skillset as well as the timezone and geographical proximity. The Medellin team was a perfect fit, and the flight time to Miami was only four hours, ideal for keeping an Agile workflow pace.


A SaaS development team focusing on scaling

An ambitious re-engineering project started with 3 devs from our side, and a client counterpart formed of tech leads and UX/UI. Raisal also partnered with our recommended testing company for QA. In order to scale, the team chose to follow a Microservices architecture and a full Javascript stack, with React and Node.

Constant communication and weekly sprints were imperative to achieve an ambitious timeline. We hosted Raisal’s tech leads in our Medellin office for the first few weeks, where the project onboarding was done face-to-face.


A successful SaaS development receives positive feedback

After 6 months of intense work, the new app’s version was showcased at the CRE technology conference in New York to great feedback. With improved performance and user experience, the upgraded platform included features like Google Street View and Google Maps integrations to get a better understanding of property location.

The app also covered information and document exchange between borrowers and lenders, methods to evaluate specific loan information including rates, terms, LTV’s and amortization in no time from different loan programs. Lastly, we added a more complex and interactive loan calculator that evaluates cash flow and conducts an affordability analysis, including the debt service coverage ratio.

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