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CRE web app for managing +25k buildings


17-year old CRE company undergoes a digital transformation

Building Engines is a property management software that connects operational processes with tenants and building managers through a single unified cloud and mobile platform. It integrates and automates several activities involved in operating a building and, at the same time, it’s highly customizable so it can best fit each user’s needs based on their roles.

As of today, Building Engines has over 750 clients and 25,000 buildings (totaling 2.4 billion square feet) are managed through its software. Their platform supports the work of administrators, vendors, tenants and other professionals that are responsible for overseeing properties and making sure everything is working well, from structural maintenance to accounting management. Some of the companies who use the app include Beacon Capital and Highwoods Properties.


Rewriting legacy code and developing new features

After many years, some of the technologies used in the software’s core have become legacy, making maintenance difficult. With that in mind, the Building Engines team reached out to us looking for a technology partner to support them in:

  • rebuilding the application, to keep offering its most beloved functionalities to its clients on a better level.
  • adding new features and improving the user experience based on requests from potential market segments and new clients.


Constant re-engineering

Building Engines values constant re-engineering as a way to improve their product's performance and adapt quickly to users’ needs, with whom the team keeps in constant contact. Our team distributed in Colombia and Uruguay works side by side with Building Engine’s Boston in-house team and, since the very beginning, they’ve shown to be a great match, especially in terms of team dynamics and culture.

The geographic proximity, close time zone between Colombia and the US have allowed team members to easily stay in touch. A four hour flight away, the client has also been able to make visits to our offices in Latin America.


A SaaS app development team that continues to grow

We are dedicated to adding new, robust technologies to the web app, improving its performance, and implementing better coding, refactoring and testing practices. The goal is to generate scalable and effective software for users’ needs today, considering the product’s growth tomorrow. Building Engines is in constant expansion to new countries, so besides keeping up with the great performance and UX, an important aspect the developers need to take into consideration is the translation of the software to other languages such as Spanish and German.

The team works under the Scrum umbrella, adapting Agile processes and ceremonies to fulfill their needs. As continuous improvement is a constant necessity due to the growing number of buildings managed through their app, every team member is always looking for solutions that could help the product become more automated, intelligent and optimized. A good practice they have put in place is an internal training day in which every team in the platform shares their tips and experiences among each other.

Lately, we've been working on updating dashboards, filters and the app’s assignment system so users can tackle issues faster. Some of the new features in development are related to building maintenance and inspection, coming out soon. Feedback is constantly shared with the developers by the support team in order to identify improvement opportunities.