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MVP makes the "New Apps We Love" list on the App Store


Enhanced app performance and responsiveness

Our client is a startup that fosters collaboration by improving the flow of communication across teams and eliminating information silos. It does so through its product, an enterprise software platform tool that allows professionals to organize conversations and data in a simple yet effective way over time.

You can use the app to chat with colleagues in channels, organize information by company, project or organization, and store and find important data easily with notes and tags. Located in Florida, the startup is roughly two years old, but its app has already been featured in the App Store’s “New Apps We Love” showcase.


Taking the web and mobile apps to the next level

At first, the startup team outsourced the product development to a US-based company who created the original code. For various reasons, the company had to discontinue its service and recommended the startup partner with Uruit.

Soon, we set up a Full Product Development Team to work together with the client and advance the product. It was the startup team’s first nearshore development experience. The stack was Angular 7 on the Front End, Restify, MongoDB, and Kubernetes on the Back End, besides native iOS for the mobile app. The team was composed of a Product Owner, two web developers, a tech lead, and a mobile dev.


Outsourcing the startup development

Uruit hosted Scrum ceremonies internally to keep the work flowing and organized Demo Sessions with the co-founder to show progress, validate features, and re-prioritize. The startup provided us with the designs.

One of our developers visited the client's HQ in order to present the app’s technical aspects in an important Silicon Valley startup fair called Startup Grind. Besides talking to attendees and answering their technical questions, it was also a great opportunity for this developer to meet the client in person. During his visit he could understand the project's priorities even better, learn about the business model, and more. All of this contributed to a greater level of communication between the teams.


Concluding the backlog with an improved MVP

Some of the highlights of the improvements we made include enhanced app performance and responsiveness, as well as the implementation of several real-time collaboration features, such as real-time discussions in a single note and the creation of push notifications. We also managed to automate the project's deployment in an optimized and effective way. The goal was very MVP-oriented, meaning we focused on delivering value as soon as possible and collaborating to improve the user experience.

The outsourcing startup development project concluded after seven months, having finished the backlog of features that we had set together with the client in our project estimation.

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