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Cross-Platform Development: A New App for First Responders


Supporting the first responder community

Disaster Management Solutions was created after 9/11 and has since pioneered the creation of software that helps disaster response professionals save lives in the face of risky situations, on large or small scales.

Its star app, Kardia QuickTriage’s main users are paramedics or law enforcement officers-- professionals who need to track and triage victims in emergency situations. The app allows them to communicate with nearby hospitals about incoming patients and their status, in addition to providing information to the victims’ relatives. The software has been used in world events like Hurricane Gustav, the Mississippi flood, NASCAR, the Boston Marathon and others, to track patients, supplies and personnel data.


From desktop to mobile

DMS came to us for a software development partner because they didn’t have enough people to build a mobile version of its existing desktop app. They were looking for both an Android and iOS product, with the main purpose to expand the app’s reach by going mobile in a short amount of time.


Going mobile in a short amount of time

We had a team composed of two developers and a UX designer collaborate with the client to create a cross-platform application with Xamarin Forms. Since DMS didn’t have experience with Xamarin, we complemented their team by working on the front end while their in-house team focused on the back end. Our goal was to craft software that could run on both mobile systems, keeping in mind their requirements and time to market.


Fast and cost-effective development with Xamarin

Our team’s professional knowledge in cross-platform development was fundamental for creating the application both quickly and cost-effectively. One of the project’s highlights was the work done in the app’s scrolling system. Thanks to our focus on the user experience, we developed an effective and Agile workflow that allowed users to complete the victim’s information on a unique screen.