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The healthcare IT sector is evolving rapidly following the technological advancements in the software and connected medical devices space, and Health Catalyst is one of the reputable industry leaders. The main asset of Health Catalyst is to transform data into measurable value, and Vitalware is one of the platforms that make this possible.  

Health Catalyst has a great mission to be the catalyst for massive, measurable, data-informed healthcare improvement, and they have successfully completed several projects in line with this dream. Their works include creating health solutions for clinical quality, population health management, and revenue cycle management.  

When Health Catalyst set out to update and modernize its product, they came to us for help and support to effectively pull off this project since they were having some technical difficulties that were hindering them.  

So far, based on our existing knowledge, experience, and functionality, we have been able to modernize their platform, as well as establish an excellent relationship. 

Here is the story of how we were able to pull off this project successfully with Health Catalyst

Health Catalyst is a leading provider of data analytics in healthcare. Over the years, they have worked with several clients, including Acuitas Health, UPMC Life Changing Medicine, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, and lots more, to actualize their goals.

They have also partnered with several similar-visioned organizations like LifePoint to improve quality and advance patient care. They also partnered with MemorialCare Miller Children’s and Women’s Hospital to improve care outcomes with Innovative Patient Engagement Technology.  

Health Catalyst workers have a formidable work culture with continuous learning, hard work, humility, and world-class services forming their core values. They recognize the importance of excellence in the pursuit of their mission and strive to maintain this excellence in whatever they do.  

Vitalware is a software that provides revenue workflow optimization and analytics Saas Technology solutions. Vitalware’s revenue solutions handle all chargemaster data in a single, integrated framework, which encourages health systems to carry out their operations in a more convenient, transparent, and strategic manner. Vitalware comprises other smaller products like;  

  • Vital Integrity: To detect compliance issues immediately they occur and remedy them. 
  • Vital CDM: For the organization of all CDM data in a single solution for better transparency. 
  • Vital Knowledge: To ensure that the revenue and coding teams are readily given comprehensive, current medical coding information that is accessible to the personnel that might need them.


The Challenge of healthcare analytics management

Health Catalyst has sustained its products for a while. However, as a flexible company that understands the need to upscale its product to keep it abreast of recent technological development, it needed to update and modernize its product. Unfortunately, their tech stack had developed some technical difficulties, which were preventing them from making the necessary upgrades and iterations. Health Catalyst had been stuck in their trial to migrate for about 7 years, and they had also been looking to do a re-styling of their solution for some time. A major challenge was getting the right talent to pull off this project, they needed a team that could scale their own and bring the right design and product skills into the mix. And on top of that, they needed a group of people that fit their culture. 

This is where we, Uruit, came in. 

As product strategy professionals, we have the skills required to fix technical issues in the tech stack, and to create the right team of talents.



The first action we took was to create an effective team and get them to migrate their solution to Angular and Node JS. We determined the number of people needed on the team, the most effective strategy to use, the technologies to implement, and the budget for the entire process.  

Health Catalyst already had an existing document and insights from the years in which they had tried the migration, so this roadmap helped. However, a lot of changes were to be made, and many people had to be defined. Therefore, we had to build another roadmap, and this took about 2 months. We constantly worked with Agile, and we were open and responsive to feedback; we worked together toward building it amid uncertainty -and managed to do so successfully-.


Design & Development

We started making progress on the project track. We presently manage sprints from a team of over 10 developers who are highly skilled, making the project go smoothly.

Presently, there are clients actively testing the new tools and giving useful feedback about the entire migration process. Also, we have been able to establish a functional relationship with the client through effective communication and collaboration. Establishing a strong relationship with Health Catalyst was quite easy because they have several values that align with our own. At Uruit, we are very passionate about people, and we always make the needs of people our priority. This is also a notable culture among Health Catalyst. This shared value amongst others makes us have a close relationship positively influences our work pattern.

We delivered the first MVP, and we have users testing it to give us useful feedback about the product. This was the requirement for the completion of step 1. 

Currently, we’re working on phase 2, which is technically and strategically more complex and covers different areas than the first stage. We are looking to go deeper from step 1, using the feedback generated. We will focus on closing the full experience and flow of the solution and providing solutions to possible issues that might arise. We will also work on providing a better user experience.  

After the completion of phase 2, we will progress to the final phase, where we will fully revise the code and the User Interface to confirm the optimal functionality of all parts. In this final phase, we will also add some extra features to improve the user experience. When phase 3 is completed, Health Catalyst will be able to make a complete switch to our product.  

The combination of the tangible goals of Health Catalyst and our expertise and software will lead to optimized results in the medical care sector. We have already achieved great improvement in the platform UX and functionalities, and we're working towards making it even better.

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