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Telecom app redesigned for +30K telecom clients


Telecom giant app goes up 2 stars on the App Store

Telefónica and Uruit have been partners since 2011, working mainly in the development of mobile and web applications that support the global telecom company’s operations in Uruguay. Telefónica provides over 270 million mobile connections and 37 million telephone connections around the globe. Operating as Movistar in Uruguay, it is one of the largest telecom companies in the country, serving over 1.5 million Uruguayans with telephone, internet and entertainment services.


Improving Movistar mobile experience

In the beginning of 2018, Movistar reached out to us about the rewrite and general UX improvement of Mi Movistar, a mobile app available for its clients to manage their individual contracts (mobile phone plans). Some of the services available in Mi Movistar include online balance view, billing, package purchasing, and access to customer support, among others.

Movistar was looking to generate a better user experience, refresh interfaces to match the app’s look with its branding, and set a roadmap for feature development. Mi Movistar was initially based on an app template for telecommunications companies that lacked flexible scope and had limited ability to make changes. In addition to these restraints, Movistar wasn’t able to meet deadlines and its target time to market.


Telecom app redesign based on cross-platform technology

Since we had previously worked together on other software development projects, Movistar returned to us with a keen appreciation of the Agile methodology and its flexibility to work more efficiently.

The main challenge for the software development team assigned to this project was to change the users' perception of the application. The previous software had performance issues which negatively impacted users, as well as app store reviews. To change it, we set the goal of creating an attractive and efficient system. We focused on UX/UI analysis and proposed a user-friendly design that displayed the brand with simplicity and high performance in mind. We tried out several user flows in prototypes built in InVision in order to generate feedback, always prioritizing the most used features.


A 4.5 stars product on the App Store

Today, the app has over 150,000 users who have expressed their satisfaction in the App and Google Play Stores with positive reviews and requests for new functionalities. In the coming months, we'll be adding features to Mi Movistar, while always taking into consideration the business needs and new services it creates.

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