User Experience consulting for 5G camera platform focused on minimizing churn | 5G camera platform

User Experience consulting for 5G camera platform focused on minimizing churn


A team with a mission to provide a new camera experience

Mobilize Solutions developed an ad tech platform that delivers timely and relevant content within the mobile camera experience. The camera solution is scalable and configurable making it easy for wireless providers, OEMs, and app publishers to white label or embedded as an APK or SDK. The platform, Camera+ 5G, provides mobile carriers and brands an innovative way to present sponsored content like AR, geo-filters, and GIFs.


Generating meaningful interactions between users and brands

With Camera+ 5G, native Android users can take pictures and customize them using multiple filters, such as geo-filters, AR lenses, stickers, and more. Depending on a user’s location, the day and the time, the camera solution offers specially designed filters that are unavailable elsewhere. Although Mobilize Solutions had a clear value proposition behind Camera+ 5G, its team was seeking to make its features more easily accessible to users.

Due to its design, users couldn’t easily discover all of Camera+ 5G’s various types of content and effects, which made it harder to understand its differential. As UX wasn’t the main expertise of the Camera+ 5G team, its CTO recommended they engage with Uruit, as he’d partnered with our team before in previous projects. Soon thereafter, we began the process of enhancing the platform’s user experience and amplifying the possibilities for how users could access Camera+ 5G content.


UX consulting for delivering the right solution

Looking for a fresh vision of the product, the Uruit design team conducted activities with a focus on learning more about the existing product and figuring out if the solution worked for both brands and users in the most optimal way. Our goal was to analyze it to find suggestions for improvement. To do so, our design team spent hours on benchmark research and studied the platform’s user metrics to come up with a wireframe proposal that would make the product more attractive and easier to use.

The team identified friction points in the user experience - understanding when and why users were abandoning the product - and used this data to prioritize the work. The project started in 2019 and we worked together until mid-2020, having completed the project within scope and meeting important deadlines.


Enhancing the platform with a more intuitive UI and clear UX

We built a prototype in Invision that showcased the new platform’s interactions in a simpler interface that would highlight the main features of Camera+ 5G. We also implemented contextual help within the design in order to minimize churn and boost user engagement.

The Camera+ 5G product manager highlighted Uruit’s best practices and modern UI recommendations as well as our ability to provide valuable input. The new design will soon be launched within Mobilize Solution’s core client to obtain user validation before its official launch.

Mobilize Solutions has already circulated wireframes and conducted demos of the new product with partners and the consensus has been that the platform is now more engaging, and the experience is more immersive. Many have also highlighted the platform’s potential to consume, digest and distribute content for multiple parties.

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