Rethinking management for +800 hospitals | Los Angeles

Rethinking management for +800 hospitals


Updating a health system management app for an industry award winning company

The client is an important healthcare corporation that provides revenue management solutions, data services and expert consulting for health systems, hospitals, physicians, and others in the health field. Its products support the financial management of more than 800 hospitals of all sizes and it’s been recognized as one of the best in terms of client satisfaction by an important industry award.


Front End capabilities needed to modernize products

At the beginning of 2019, this company's Director of Product Management started looking for vendors with great technical skill in order to start modernizing its products. The company was interested in partnering up with a software development provider with strong Front End capabilities, especially in Angular, that could complement its in-house team and boost the development process.

Familiar with Uruit from working with us in her previous company, the Director got in touch and we soon set a development plan. Our main goals were focused on updating the main platform architecture and to keep building new features for its different products.


Two distributed teams for refreshing and improving apps

We started working together, organized in two teams: one focused on the architecture update, which was built with Angular monorepo, and the other on the development of new features for its billing management software for hospitals. As this company’s services are oriented to the healthcare industry, our developers had to comply with HIPAA’s certification for confidentiality matters.

Our software development team is distributed in Uruguay and Colombia, working side by side with the in-house team in Washington. We are also supporting the client with a UX redesign for its set of tools, working alongside Product Owners from different dev teams to create a consistent experience among the various tools. We are building a library of components, which will give a modern look to all of its products and will allow us in the future to reuse graphic components for new developments.


Collecting feedback, focusing on new features

After completing the architecture development, the team re-organized itself and started focusing on the development of new features for several products, while one developer keeps improving aspects of the architecture as needed. The client has highlighted the development of a modern and efficient architecture, which allows developers to create features that are more effective and dynamic. Now, we’re collecting the first users’ feedback on the platform, which will allow the client to prioritize tasks and set the roadmap for future developments.

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