Nearshore Outsourcing | Developing an AI MVP

Nearshore Outsourcing: Speeding up the Development of an MVP


A 500 Startups company powered by Machine Learning

Nexus A.I. is a team formation platform for medium and large sized companies that want to assemble high performance teams. Using Artificial Intelligence, the software suggests a team composition based on the project’s goal and the skills of each employee, aligning professionals’ capabilities and interests with the business’ requirements.


Why outsourcing is a cost-effective solution

Instead of using spreadsheets and similar tools that aren’t as effective, Nexus A.I. clients can rely on the Artificial Intelligence platform to make better decisions. To build an initial MVP, the founders chose to focus on the machine learning-related development in-house and look for an outsourcing partner for the front-end development. The challenge was to find a partner that could be more cost effective than in-house engineers without sacrificing quality and communication.


Speeding up the development process

Our nearshore outsourcing approach appeared as an ideal option for speeding up Nexus’ development process. Working in close time zones has allowed our teams to stay connected and on the same page. Our experienced front-end developers, especially focused on the Angular framework, contributed to speeding up the development process and even unveiled new insights into the business model as well.


A successful MVP to keep moving forward

Two of our Uruguayan developers started working after a light and effective onboarding process. Their main achievements were growing the app using a component-oriented architecture with a customizable dashboard that shows users’ skills and a notification system for real time communication. Nexus A.I. estimates that by outsourcing, it was able to save about 30% compared to how much it would have spent if it had decided to invest in a complete in-house team from the US.