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SaaS Development: Boosting Experience of 1.5m+ Users


SaaS technology for talent development and engagement

Insala provides talent and engagement solutions for companies who want to help their employees develop their careers within. Their mission is to enable successful career journeys by assisting organizations worldwide to envision, plan, implement and evaluate talent initiatives. Insala has offered consulting services and SaaS technology for companies such as Coca-Cola, Unilever, ABC and ESPN. As of today, over 1.5 million people are using their app.


A 6-year partnership improving career development tools

Since 2013, Insala has trusted us with the development and maintenance of its main portal, a system that provides different tools for career development. Some of these include a platform to match coaches with coachees, assessment tools that identify the user’s working style and suggest improvement opportunities, and features like a job board, a calendar, groups, forums and others. Each of Insala’s clients are able to customize the portal and provide a unique experience to their employees.

After working with an onshore partner in India for some time, Insala found greater benefits in UruIT’s nearshore model that allow them to move faster and more efficiently. Our time zone proximity and code quality practices are some of the main reasons why this partnership has been successful and sustainable.


Managing a distributed team under the same goals

The main challenges we faced were related to the system's complexity and size, and managing a distributed team with professionals working from Uruguay, Brazil and the US. We addressed these with a thoughtful onboarding process, in which each new team members had a complete induction to the project and the system, and constant communication through digital channels in order to keep up the good work.


Improving web & mobile apps with modern technologies and practices

Our highlighted achievements with this project include:

  • the development and integration of features with Angular and Typescript
  • more modern technologies than the ones used in the system’s legacy code
  • the integrations between the portal and social networks like LinkedIn and Facebook
  • the development of a mobile portal for alumni
  • and the implementation of GitHub as source control, which allowed us to improve the way we managed the app’s different versions.