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App makes learning easier for Fortune 500 companies


Making education easier with technology

XVoucher is a great tool for organizations that want to offer employees, students or collaborators vouchers for courses and learning programs. Its platform facilitates the purchasing and distribution of learning products by connecting training options and certifications with users. It also provides complete visibility across the entire process from buying, selling and tracking resources as a centralized hub. Some of its clients are governmental institutions, universities and multinationals, including a Fortune 500 global enterprise.


User feedback fuels the platform evolution

Five years ago, Xvoucher approached Uruit in the search of some more development power to boost its product roadmap and scale development resources. As the company has a variety of users and clients with different demands and requirements, Xvoucher’s executives valued the importance of keeping up a solid, self-starting engineering team to fulfill these needs in a fast and efficient way.

Since the beginning of our partnership, the team has grown while working on different projects within the platform. Nowadays, it’s composed of developers with capabilities in front and back end engineering as well as testing and DevOps for setting up pipelines and preparing effective development environments.


Supporting Xvoucher’s development of core and spin off platforms

In the last couple of years, we have worked on different aspects of the platform, especially integrations with third-party services, migrations, new feature development, architecture updates, and more. One of our current priorities is the development of a payment gateway, a spinoff product that Xvoucher expects to launch soon. Uruit’s team was key for Xvoucher to be able to tackle this project, which was a sudden business opportunity and was built in record time.

Along with their CTO, we organized the work using agile practices and roles, having a Scrum Master that coordinates the ceremonies and manages the workflow with JIRA. Some of our team members visited their headquarters in Minneapolis in 2019 in order to discuss the product’s roadmap and upcoming development needs, bringing our perspective and product development experience to the table.


An ongoing partnership that continues to expand

About the experience of working with Uruit, this client highlights the clear communication among team members and how we’ve created an easygoing environment. Another positive aspect they point out is the team’s technical skills and responsiveness to get onboard with new projects and ideas.

In the near future we’ll be launching the aforementioned payment gateway. Later, we’ll focus on the development of new user paths within the product, as well as brand new integrations with marketplaces where users will be able to see available courses and sign up.

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