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User Experience: Supporting Telecom Giant Internal Communications


Collaborating with a global telecommunications company

Telefónica operates in 21 countries, providing over 270 million mobile lines and 37 million telephone connections around the globe. In Uruguay, the company is known as Movistar, and connects over 1.5 million clients through its telephone, internet and entertainment services.


Looking for vendors to build a custom web app

As a multinational brand, Movistar has multiple apps for both its clients and internal teams in order to deliver their services. One of them is a notification system used by the company’s employees to track errors and downtimes in its mobile network and infrastructure. The app also tracks the employee’s required scheduled maintenance jobs.

Previously, Movistar employees would be informed as well as inform others of network problems through email or phone. In this system, communication and issues tracking proved ineffective, leading to data loss and misunderstandings. Looking to overcoming this challenge, the company selected us as their software provider to build this app in 2016.


A system focused on user experience connecting different areas of the company

We came up with a proposal in which our differentiating factors would be the system interface and user experience. Our goal was to build an attractive software for all the employees who needed to see the system’s status as a whole, from different perspectives. We decided to go with a user-centered design to create a tool that could be easily adopted by each department. For that, the project team was composed of two software engineers, a product owner and a UX designer.

As Movistar was working within a budget, we incorporated agile and lean practices in order to prioritize and build an initial version that was simple, but completely useful. The Movistar departments who were involved in this project were new to agile development, but together we were able to find a collaborative workflow based on weekly sprints and continuous iterations.

We interviewed different business units to understand their needs and perspectives from different company angles, while refining the backlog for the initial MVP to fit the budget. Employees were interviewed and invited to share their opinions about the system during the whole development process, so once the app was released, they felt ownership towards and were very keen to use the tool.


How a notification system became a core messaging platform

The system went beyond the original needs of an alarm system and became a core messaging platform for the entire company. The solution resulted in a custom web app that allows for sending messages, featuring email broadcasting, maps for reporting and self-service features. Given the fast and widespread adoption of the platform, we continued to work on the app’s improvement, fulfilling four development phases.