Creating a marketing MVP in 3 months | Software Development

Creating a marketing MVP in 3 months


Stackify and Uruit complex data simple focusing on UX and smart algorithms

Stackify is a company known worldwide for offering a suite of software development tools. With its platforms, devs are able to work more efficiently by getting better visibility into metrics, monitoring and analyzing them, and finally making decisions based on concrete data. The company has received several awards, including the Great User Experience 2017 Award by FinancesOnline and the G2Crowd’s Summer 2017 High Performer Award.


Evolving a new SaaS product

Some time ago, Stackify decided to create Top Content, a tool for marketers that would provide them with the ability to interpret online content performance goals and make data-driven decisions. Top Content automates the process of analyzing and processing data from a website, including information like traffic, content visibility, and keyword performance by accessing Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

Unlike other tools, Top Content offers information via appealing and easy-to-read dashboards that, in addition to showing precise data points, also give suggestions for improving content, from updating information in the text to optimizing it for SEO.

To create the tool, the Stackify team first developed an MVP in-house. However, since they did not have the resources to advance the product internally, they started to look for a SaaS development partner and found us.


Using a UX approach to solve content marketer’s needs

Soon enough, we set up a full product development team of two developers, a UX/UI designer and a product owner, with a heavy focus on performance and user experience. An important part of the process was to understand the product's users by conducting interviews, along with story and journey mapping.

By doing so, we discovered that some of the pain points that content marketing professionals face include the lack of clear and comprehensible information. With this in mind, we put a lot of focus on the UX/UI design aspects of the app by creating wireframes and high-fidelity designs through Sketch and Zeplin, and displaying them in animation and navigation prototypes such as InVision.


Coding complex analytics and intelligent algorithms

Top Content is a complex software that analyzes a vast amount of key statistics from different sources. In the development phase, the team had to tackle the challenge of connecting and synchronizing various platforms so the software could display information in real time. For that, we updated legacy parts of the initial version, as well as built and adapted different APIs.

Another challenge was to generate a system that would interpret data and provide users with marketing strategy suggestions. To accomplish this, the developers worked on an algorithm that could manage multiple data sets in real time and display the processed data in user-friendly charts. The SaaS product development was concluded in 3 months.

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