Building an innovative app for golf fans | From start up to established digital product

Building an innovative app for golf fans


Supreme Golf is an app imagined by golfers for golfers, to make things simple when booking tee times. The platform collects information from different databases to make it easier than ever for users to search available courses, compare prices, and book times for playing.

This app is now the most comprehensive tee time search engine on the planet; you can find information all over the world, so whether you’re trying to play close to home or while traveling, you’ll find a solution in this Texas-based platform… at no cost!


Different golf courses use different kinds of softwares to manage their tee times, and each one has their preferred payment tool that they probably weren’t willing to give up in order to join Supreme. So, to make sure the providers wouldn’t have to go through major changes, let them focus on the benefits, and be able to offer a seamless experience to the users; Supreme Golf needed to create a solution that was able to take information from all, and allow any new courses to onboard regardless of the software they were using.

In a second phase, a new challenge arose when Supreme Golf started thinking about adding a membership system to their platform. The goal was to offer golf courses an option to maintain a profit even during low season, and at the same time offer users more benefits for better prices. Not only we needed to integrate with different tee time providers, now we also needed to connect with the payment processor that each golf course was currently using.


We set up a team for this client and joined this project with a Product Design phase. Our full product teams weren’t what the client was used to working with but they quickly realized the value of it, and we achieved a great work dynamic in no time.

After building the B2C app for golf course memberships, the product went through validation and got useful feedback from the business. This is where we added some helpful features like employee referral, different payment method options, and the option to customize the app design so each course could add their branding to the product, and offer their users a better experience.

At this point, the product was already giving its users a simple way to find tee times, and at the same time offering a great opportunity for golf courses to maintain an income during the low season.


Supreme Golf went from being a small startup -not so long ago- to having thousands of new courses available to book in the US, Europe, and all over the world, along with the membership options that allow users to play in many of them.

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