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New platform for customizing official fan merch


If you’re a fan, you probably love to show your support for your favorite team or cultural icon as much as possible, but have you ever gone to your favorite TV show or sports team’s site and failed to find anything in the merchandise section that matched your personal style? That’s exactly what GFX was thinking when they came up with their brilliant idea of combining a customizable merchandise platform, with the ability to add logos and images to clothing styles of the customer's choice, from a broad range of industries. These industries span from college sports like the University of Michigan Wolverines, to legendary rock and roll icons The Rolling Stones, and even your favorite Netflix TV series like “Squid Games”. 

Starting from an idea and fostering that idea to an end product is difficult for corporations with entire teams dedicated to designing, marketing, and scaling an idea. Not to mention how difficult it can be for a small start-up or small business owner. Outsourcing the things they don’t need to hire an entire staff for is extremely common and works most of the time. Unfortunately, when GFX came to us they had grown frustrated with the teams they’d outsourced and were desperate for results.


Before contacting our specialists, GFX was moving forward with their ideas, but not at the speed they would have expected. They had no viable way of presenting their great idea because their demo product hadn’t been built yet. GFX knew that its best path forward was to partner with a software company with a proven track record of improving on and scaling digital products. The company they chose was Uruit out of Los Angeles California, an agency whose dedication to transforming ideas into reality speaks for itself. Their on-staff UI/UX designers, software engineers, project managers, and branding professionals are passionate about reaching their clients’ needs together by planning, designing, and scaling digital products.


Uruit sat down with GFX to create a dynamic plan of attack that would address their need to get their idea off the ground quickly, and not waste any more time or resources.  The first thing we did for them has put together a landing page that would highlight the best features of their idea. The landing page we created for GFX puts its platform for customizing clothing with logos and images on full display so customers can try out different combinations and clothing styles seamlessly.  

To create a captivating landing page for GFX we brought in our best webpage design engineers who used state-of-the-art technology to create a landing page that would function smoothly and was innately easy to use for any potential customer. We were happy to use our branding experience to help build on the image that GFX wants to put in front of its clients, and customers. Our team put a lot of time into this and the hard work shows in the end product.


One really unique aspect of the customizable merchandise platform we put together for GFX was the ability for their customers to have total control over how they wanted their own merchandise designed. This allows the customers to rock their favorite teams and icons with their style and not a cookie-cutter template. They don’t have to choose from pre-designed t-shirts, they can customize their own with colors they love, and image placement that is unique to their eye.  

Of course, giving customers this much freedom over their merchandise does have a few challenges to overcome. One of those challenges involves using the custom text editor to add profanity or vulgarity to the merchandise. While we don’t condone censorship, we are keenly aware of branding and reputation. Because of this, we have implemented a system that is designed to prevent combining well-known logos or franchise names, with purposefully hateful or profane language. If a customer tries to create something that goes against our community standards it will flag in the system, and will not be created.  

GFX has since moved forward and is continuing to thrive in its target market, by attracting new clients to its already impressive client base, and spreading the word to new customers every day who are using the interactive landing page that Uruit was able to design for them based on their specific requests and goals. They are happily creating the merchandise in the style that they love, and their clients are happy to be able to provide the merchandise their fans love.  

If your company needs a successful digital product development team to bring your ideas to life with creativity, passion, and professionalism don’t hesitate to contact our friendly staff and let us show you why time after time we take our clients' ideas and turn them into reality. We are ready to begin immediately and promise the results your idea deserves.

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