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User Experience: Enterprise Refreshes Its Apps After 10 Years


A test automation leader with over ten years in the business

Worksoft is the leading provider of software used to automate business process testing for large-scale enterprises worldwide. Its products allow users to track, analyze and test over 500,000 business processes across virtual machines in a matter of hours. Among its main users are Kraft Foods, Microsoft, eBay and other global corporations.


Moving the company ahead

To remain an industry leader after 10 years in business, Worksoft decided to update digital experience of its products. The goal was to differentiate its high performance solutions from those of its competitors by renovating its six core products’ design and front end technology.


Upgrading an Angular application

Our first project together was the refresh of Worksoft’s main tool, Management Studio. The Worksoft team came to us looking for a partner with know-how in building apps, coupled with strong user experience and front end development skills.

Our team worked closely with Worksoft staff to create a clean user interface and meaningful experience. During the project we also suggested migrating from a legacy technology to Angular in order to ensure better code quality, which helped improve performance. In addition, the team created reusable, generic components that were able to function in other Angular projects.

As soon as the team synergy and the general working relationship was cemented, we began improvements for another Worksoft tool, Certify. Our designers proposed a new visual for the platform in order to solve usability issues, and some of the proposed features were validated through a Proof of Concept.


An Agile approach while designing and developing updates

After working on Management Studio and Certify, we took ownership of the refresh of three other Worksoft products: Execution Manager, Impact and Business Process Procedure. For each product we designed and developed new features, as well as conducted system migrations to more modern technologies.

In the beginning, Worksoft was new to the agile methodology process. Our team traveled to the client’s location for about 10 days to learn about the business and its various products. It was a great opportunity to help Worksoft with the agile process by having regular planning meetings, product reviews and retros. This constant communication resulted in incredible synergy between the teams. The outcome? Wonderfully updated and refreshed apps. By following an Agile approach and a smooth working process, we accomplished our goal to improve Worksoft’s platforms performance and stand out from the competition.