Digital transformation of a 40-year business | Web App Development

Digital transformation of a 40-year business


Product discovery project for US #1 life and business strategist

We are the software development partner of an international brand founded by United States’ #1 life and business strategist, who has supported people’s personal development through digital and face-to-face experiences for over 40 years.

His company focuses on providing life-changing insights through coaching events, seminars, books, apps and other channels. Over 4 million people from 100 countries around the world have participated in its initiatives.


Outdated product wasn’t fulfilling users needs

In order to expand the reach of a live event, the team behind this eminent brand came to us looking for a technology partner. The event consists of a course for improving people’s control over their financial lives, and one of the tools that is provided in this experience is a web app that helps users in the planning and tracking of their financial goals.

Over the years, the app had not been updated, resulting in an outdated product that wasn’t truly supporting its users as expected. Furthermore, it didn’t follow the company’s current branding. The specific issue was that users were not completing the input of their basic financial information, which is fundamental to understanding their current economic situation and fulfilling the goals of the event.


A discovery phase design process

To truly understand the app, its context, its users and the company’s business goals, we proposed to start working together through a Product Discovery phase. As this web app is a software of significant size and complexity, we felt the need to dedicate time to redefine its user experience and allow users to get the most out of the event experience. This phase also helped us identify the main usability issues, possible problems, and the tool’s strengths and weaknesses.

In this project we had a team of UI/UX designers working in collaboration with some of our developers to discuss the app’s technical aspects. Later on, some of the designers continued to be involved in the development phase.

In total, this UX discovery phase lasted around 3 months. Some of the activities we performed during this time were:

  • Heuristic evaluation
  • Demographic research
  • User interviews
  • Personas and User Journeys
  • Visual Designs and Prototypes


Plotting the roadmap for design and development

From this phase, we were able to set up a roadmap for the design and development phases to follow. Our UX experts organized the sitemap and its flows, and also designed initial wireframes.

At the end of the project, there was a clear path regarding the structure and aesthetic concepts that the updated application should have, including several validated interfaces and an initial backlog. Our focus was on improving the participants’ experience during the event by updating the app’s technology, creating a more robust product, improving stability and boosting engagement.

The updated application was launched and used in several editions of the event, taking place frequently in the United States and other countries, engaging anywhere from 100 to 800 people on each occasion.

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